The Good Fight

This inquiry has indeed aggravated the division that was caused by the way Town officials handled the matter, and that has always been with regret. But sweeping the evident irregularities under the rug can never advance healing — only resignation and resentment. On the other hand, airing the particulars of what transpired is certainly not anti-public safety, just pro-accountability, which is always in the public interest. For that reason,  an examination of an apparent abuse of power by the former Town Manager, Sarah Stanton, to impose a bogus solution on the people of Bedford will be examined here. If it is shown that the current project is the result of malfeasance and misfeasance and the townspeople are willing to tolerate that, so be it. But whatever the consequences of this examination, any tacit consent will not be because voters didn’t know any better. Now that the Town has been granted conditional permission to demolish the antique carriage house and fieldstone wall, Save Our Block will respectfully continue to offer a thoughtful perspective on the origins, process, and future of the far-from-settled project.