Regardless of personal opinions, people of goodwill can welcome efforts to bring more attention to the many aspects of this complex matter that have not been examined. Exploring that information should actually bring Bedford closer together — not farther apart, and make the best possible fire station a reality sooner than later.

For the convenience of those who want to get a broad perspective on the subject, this page will aggregate some articles, reports, and posts that include community comments online. There is so much that was not taken into account before the March 29, 2022 vote. Until it is all presented to the people and put into perspective how can anyone think that this matter is “settled”?

Out of respect for the firefighters who serve everyone in Bedford and do not want to see the town divided, the discussion of viable options should not be hostile and argumentative. Without unity of purpose, there is no community.  Admitting that everyone wants what is best for the town and its first responders is the place to start.

The Bedford Citizen — 9/22/23

The Bedford Citizen — 9/22/23

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The Bedford Citizen Facebook Page — 2/11/23

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The final comment is: “This is one of the most constructive threads seen on social media.”